The Volcarren

Right click and open in new tab to view large version. Image created with Wonderdraft software by Megasploot. © T. A. Myron, December 2020.

The Volcarren, prison to the red-skinned kyrie, known simply as ‘Volcarrens’. The Volcarren is dominated by the Bone Desert, so named for being populated with the bones of those foolish enough to try to cross it.

Beyond the Bone Desert is the Wasteland, a sunken rift, an expanse of volcanic rock, formed and reformed by constant underground magma pools and vents. The Wasteland is scarred with countless fissures through which toxic fumes seep, creating a permanent poisonous fog over the entire area.

To the west, the Bone Desert gives way to the Strip, a piece of barren rocky land, and the only remotely habitable part of the Volcarren. Dry, scarred by countless canyons, and hiding vicious predators and marauding barbarians, the Strip is divided into several small territories, each controlled by a warlord who has acquired some advantage in this broken land.

The Volcarren is guarded by two fortresses: Vesng to the south, and Srung to the west. They guard the only safe passages out of the Volcarren. All else is toxic water, poisoned by the nearby volcanoes and gases of the Wasteland.

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