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Valkyrie is a retelling of Utgar’s origins. A similar story, Rise of the Valkyire – Utgar was also written. This is an unrelated story. It starts similar, but is vastly different. Rise is a stand-alone fiction. Sequels are possible, though currently far from guaranteed.

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Anyone who has been following me and my writings will know by now that I owe everything to HeroScapers, and the band of readers and writers there who have kept me going. They might know also that my family has helped me with my writing through their support and occasional insights into the plot and characters.

None of that has changed, and I thank you all the best way I can: by continuing to turn out stories for you to read, and by using your criticism and comments to make my writing better.

But at this point, I need to include someone else in my customary acknowledgements. If any of you are easily offended by religion, look away. Because that someone else is God.

Without God, my writing would be nowhere, and both it and I would be nothing. Without God’s perfect plan directing my writing, the last ten years would have turned out completely differently. For a long time, I convinced myself that I was following God’s plan.

I wasn’t. I was following mine. That is why there was a six month pause where I couldn’t write. Now that I’ve realized that, the writing is back, I’m back on track, and I’m listening this time – or at least doing my best. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of writing.

Thank you everyone else, for your support. Without you, there are no readers, no competition, no feedback. You make my writing better.