Asin, enneres ves elnen im il. Seneth mathal elnen arth kier imil. – “Air, fill with my magic. Absorb all magic which strikes.” This is a spell only a Dark Elf or Uncursed elf could cast, as it requires magic to stretch beyond the point where a Cursed elf can control it. It works similarly to the Asdelarcen shield, except that it offers complete immunity to spells regardless of range. However, unlike the Asdelarcen shield, it is easily unraveled by an Uncursed elf with more magic.

Asin, esvress mathal hesrenim enedil im. – “Air, repel all attacks against me” Dilmir’s first attempt at a shield to block physical attacks. Such magical constructs are notoriously unreliable.

Asin, keliess as fel esev im – “Air, keep the forest from me”

Athen – “Heal”

Dreth. Kier imit. – “Shatter. Strike them.”

Fel, hart imis! – “Forest, stop him!” Some spells, such as this, are obviously up to interpretation by the magic being used. In this case, Dilmir’s focus is what allowed the magic to carry out his will, since the instruction were vague.

Fener, edel’fener mathal! – “Fire, burn everything.” The wording of this spell caused Dilmir’s magic to burn everything it could reach. The spell was therefore only limited by how far his magic could reach. Had Eltuthar cast this same spell, a good portion of the Great Forest might have gone up in flames.

Keliess as asin arewn silin im il. Edel nolun sudern ethen imis. – “Maintain the air around my skin. Let nothing enter it.”

Kelther imir en shenith Alfimiril – “Show me the place of Alfimir.”

Kelther imir en shenith Eld’rinil – “Show me the place of Eld’rin.”

Kelther imir en shenith Inilidinil – “Show me the place of Inilidin.” The standard spell for locating people.

Ler imi elsen. Tirs imi im Eld’rin. Fesil imi ene. – “Make us energy. Take us to Eld’rin. Reform us there.”

Silin, esvress fener. Keliess fineth il imi il aseldienim. – “Skin, repel flame. Maintain the heat of our bodies.”

Venel’terenim, hart imit! – “Roots, stop them!”

Venel’terenim. Dreth. Veler im. – “Roots. Shatter. Hide me.”

(Semi)Complete List of Persons, Places, and Things

Aimim – Dilmir’s aunt. Aimim’s husband joined Eltuthar and was slain when the Council attacked him.

Aldir – A spy employed by the Council.

Alfimir – Eld’rin’s only archmage. Alfimir at first followed Eltuthar’s teachings, but soon defected to the side of the council.

Aranthar – A powerful elf that created the giants during the Second Age and led them against Eld’rin.

Cyprien Essenwein – Vampire and general of the undead forces on Feylund.

Delthimir the Cursed – The son of Eltuthar.

Eld’rin – The Elvish capital.

Eledim – The elf that trains Ilrin in the ways of Lifeformers.

Elmir – The elf that trains Dilmir in magic.

Endir – A young elf that dueled with Ilrin when Dilmir was with Eltuthar. A friend of Inilidin, he has become interested in Dilmir’s magic.

Felmir – Dilmir’s father.

Felnir – One of Eltuthar’s followers, a Dark Elf.

Great Forest – A vast forest defended by wolves.

Ilrin – A friend of Dilmir.

Tarrenith – A special type of bracer designed for deflecting sword-strikes.

Velyor Enedil Asvarien – Literally, shield against distance. This is the shield used by the Asdelarcen.

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