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The land of Feylund, where the stories of Dilmir take place.

Feylund has existed for many years, and the legends and myths surrounding it are countless. Empires and kingdoms have come and gone, great wars have been fought, and heroes have risen and fallen throughout the ages.

Feylund is home to humans, elves, and dwarves. Humans, one of the oldest and proudest races on Feylund, maintain their traditional mountain kingdoms in the North. They are known as strong fighters and stubborn warriors, refusing to be defeated.

Dwarves are similar to the humans, but are somewhat shorter, and value knowledge over tradition. They regularly comb throughout all of Feylund, making maps and preserving any record of the past they can find. They are notorious for having long memories, and only leave their caves in the Southern Plateau to gather more knowledge.

Elves were once men, but were driven from the mountains when magic found them, and began warping them into a new species. In those early years of magic, power ran rampant amongst the elves, and they quickly expanded their borders to include the whole of the Great Forest, and much of Morindan.

With the casting of the Curse, the Elven Empire fell. Wolves – inhabitants of the Great Forest – fought them back beyond the Ans Aras, and vampires – dark invaders from another land – took Morindan from them in several bloody battles. The elves rallied, campaigning against their enemies, and were able to hold onto their other cities, although these are now stretched thin, and under constant attack.

Much of the history and geography of Feylund remains unknown to all, except for the dwarves. The men stay in their mountains, caring nothing for anything beyond their borders. The elves are locked in a constant struggle with the wolves and vampires, and know of nothing beyond the Great Forest. And the dwarves, who hold these secrets, see little reason to share them, and carve them instead on their caves.

But one day, things will change…

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