Author’s Note

For those of you interested, I wanted to explain why I’ve decided to rewrite both this story and its sequel, rather than just reposting them with edits.

This all goes back to the original theme of the trilogy. Shortly after posting the trilogy, I realized that the theme was actually incorrect. If I were to repost the trilogy, I’d have to tweak that theme. I figured it would be easy – most of the theme was packed into an epilogue after the ending in both books. The actual events of the books wouldn’t really impact things that much. So I jotted down what the theme was and what I wanted it to now be, and then started going through the original story, editing as I went.

Unfortunately, the Feylund Trilogy is kind of like the original Star Wars trilogy: sequels weren’t planned from the start, and when they were added, plot holes were created. I started to see these plot holes in the original, and the changes I was making to the theme were unfortunately only making more of them. When I tried to fix these issues, other things started to not make sense, until I just had a huge mess on my hands.

At one point I even gave up, opting to actually rewrite Dilmir instead, and start over from there. I was never happy with the story that idea produced, and fortunately scrapped it a few chapters in.

I decided to go back to this story, and resigned myself to doing some heavier edits. I finally managed to cobble together an amalgamation of original bits and new bits into a workable story, and finally thought my job was done.

I like to set a story aside after I’ve written it, turn my mind elsewhere for a day or two, and come back and proofread with a fresh eye. I did that with this amalgamation. But the longer I let it sit, the more and more flaws I found. The plot holes were still cropping up, and a lot of things just didn’t make sense. A lot of this was due to Dilmir, which hadn’t bothered to explain critical things in enough clarity.

Eventually I just decided to do the whole thing over. I re-developed the story, built it back from the ground up, and then rewrote the whole thing. I’m glad I did, because the result is far better than what I had before. I was able to actually fix the plot holes instead of trying to patch them, and as a whole, the story just made a lot more sense as a cohesive unit.

That story is what you are about to read.

Now, this change in plans also means that I will have to rewrite the final story in the trilogy. There were too many changes in this story not to. But this is a good thing. I feel the final story will be the best of the trilogy, and am looking forward to writing it.

But for now, read The Curse of Feylund, and let me know what you think.

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