The Curse of Feylund

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April 2022


As is the case with anything I write, acknowledgement should be given to certain people. Without their help, my writing could never be.
First and foremost, I have to thank the Lord and His perfect plan for my writing. Without His direction in my life, my writing would never have happened.
Secondly, thanks must be given to my mother and father, who have supported me as I write and given me a place to practice. Without their help, I would never have the chance to write.
Finally, the readers and writers at need to be recognized. TheAverageFan continues to both provide me with sound writing advice and serve as a sounding board for my theories. You make my writing better. AMIS and William099 continue to read my work when I post, whatever it is. You make my effort worth it. To all of you, plus all the other readers who remain invisible, thank you. You’ve kept me going throughout the years.