Single Stories

In addition to multi-chapter-length fan fictions, I have written several single-installment stories. Most of these were submissions for the fan fiction competition on, but a few came from my personal challenge thread. I’ve uploaded a selection of the best here.

These stories are not related to each other or any other stories I have written. While they are all fan fiction, and as such are based on Valhalla, settings will still vary widely. You can use the drop down on the navigation bar above to locate individual stories. It should be noted that most of the stories never had titles of their own. In these instances, I have supplied a simple title. I have also edited the times of posting to reflect when the stories were written.

Copyright Paragraph:

The stories listed in the dropdown below this page are fan fiction.
They are intended solely for the purpose of being released on, and now this website.
Any copying of the text within them will be in violation of the copyright laws of the above, and of those expressed within this copyright statement.
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You may not copy any part or portion of these fan fictions without the express permission of the original creator, except for the purposes of review, criticism, comment, or example. Attribution to the original creator must be made if not obvious.
Certain characters within these fan fictions are the creation of Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast.
I do not claim these characters as my own, and use them solely for the purpose of tying these fan fictions to HeroScape. They are not used with permission.
July 2021