Author’s Note

A while back, I told my readers I planned on writing a short story before I began my final fan fiction. I gave them three options – ideas that had been floating around my head, on and off of paper, for some time. Almost unanimously, they selected a tale about Raelin’s life in the war.

As far as I can tell, the idea for this fan fiction began sometime in 2012, though it may have arisen long before that. It actually began by listening to a song, the name of which shall not be related here (ironically enough, the ending that was inspired by that song is nothing at all like the actual ending of this tale). History I was studying at the time gave it meaning, and my knowledge of HeroScape gave it substance. And you, my readers, gave me the drive that enabled me to write it down. Without you, I likely would have never become a writer.

In a moment I’ll let you begin reading. However, there are a few important things you should be aware of first.

As I said, this fan fiction was inspired in part by history. The history of World War One and Two, to be exact. It was further inspired by such books (nonfiction) as Testament of Youth, and The Hiding Place, both of which are about those time periods. Because of this, and because of the nature of the tale, there is a certain level of cruelty and violence that is not present in my other fan fictions. Many scenes contain blood. A few scenes contain graphic descriptions, though these are short. There is pain, cruelty, physical and mental suffering, and injuries in this tale. People can and do die. Unlike some other books/movies, there is no strange force protecting the ‘good guys’ from harm.

That being said… I do not linger on this violence. Some writers include it for no reason. Some include it to make things seem more realistic. I do neither. I have included this amount of violence because my fiction is not driven by some vague need to write. It is driven by a need to say something. Though it is rare, in this case, cruelty aids this purpose. I have included what I need, and then I have moved on. I believe gruesome scenes are genuinely difficult to read (which is the whole point), and I will therefore include no more than are absolutely necessary.

THAT being said, some scenes are still gruesome. Descriptions, though brief, will occasionally be graphic.

On a lighter note, this tale relates the history of the war on Valhalla. Or at least such was the intention. As I developed the tale, I began to realize that I would never be able to include the entirety of the Wellspring War. There were several reasons. I wanted to keep this tale short. I wanted to stay focused on my goal. I would need multiple point of view characters, something I definitely did not want.

In the end, I had to take several large liberties with the Valhallian ‘facts.’ I have tried to keep things as close as possible to what is known, but in several places, this was impossible. There is no exploration of the Ticalla. There is no writing of Thormun’s journal. Many of the characters we know and love are never even mentioned, including Vydar and Einar. There is a very simple reason for all of this: these events did not further the story. If I were to include them, the end of this book would contain a lot of unresolved narration that would ultimately be boring to read through, and add nothing to the tale.

However, I believe that I can now stop warning you about this fan fiction. I’ve told you what you needed to know. Now I will stop, and let you read the tale for yourself.

I hope you enjoy it!


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