Author’s Note

This author’s note is intended for those of you interested in the writing process, and specifically what this fiction tried to work on. If you’re more interested in just reading the fan fiction, you can skip ahead to the introduction.

My last fan fiction, Horizon in Sight, had some issues. Foremost among them was a lack of implication and suggestion, meaning character thoughts and revelations were blatantly shoved down the readers’ throats more than once. I’ve tried to avoid that in this fan fiction, and worked hard on the implication and suggestion of things I otherwise would normally just explain. I’ve tried to show character emotions and thoughts through dialogue and action, rather than internal monologues.

This is also the first fan fiction which uses the three-act-structure, and a true structured character arc. While doing research into how I could create better characters, I came across K. M. Weiland, a master of character arcs and the three-act-structure. From her, I learned of the different types of character arcs, and after creating a few test arcs, felt ready to use one here, with Utgar.

I’ve also never used the three-act-structure before. But through Weiland, I found out just how helpful it can be, especially since I’ve always been plagued with parts of my writing where I don’t know what to do. The structure removes that uncertainty. Once I studied it sufficiently, I felt ready to test it out on this fiction.

Problems. Every piece of writing has them. The first draft of this fiction (yes, I actually wrote a first draft for the first time) had some issues with stakes. Those should be resolved now. With that fixed, I feel like there are only two minor problems which might be left: a lack of clarity as to what is going on in the first few chapters (I’ve worked on this and believe it’s fixed now), and a slightly abrupt ending (which might or might not be just me). But next to the large problems I usually had, this is a huge step forward.

I hope to continue resolving issues in my writing with each subsequent fan fiction.

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