Rise of the Valkyrie was originally meant to be a short mini-series, consisting of several short stories, which would serve to kick off Eternity, my final series of fan fiction. Future plans fell through, leaving this short story, Utgar as a standalone fan fiction.

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And so we come at last to the beginning of the end. I’ve been writing fan fiction since December of 2010. Most of you by now know the story, of how I slowly began to build up my writing skills to get to where I am now.

Eternity will be my final fan fiction series before I begin writing novels, but I could never have gotten here without the support of the Heroscapers community. From the old days, with users like bumper15 and Son of Arathorn driving me to be better through their own writing, and Orcs Blade making writing fun with his encouragement and engagement, all the way to the present, with TheAverageFan and William099 continuing to read what I put out in an increasingly silent subforum, and users like BiggaBullfrog lending their invaluable criticism… you all made this possible.

Thank you for your continued support and efforts to make my writing better.