The laws of the elves are often as much a hindrance as they are help. Generations of councils had formulated the laws long ago into a complicated web, leaving no way out, no end free. Indeed, the only purpose of the council was to carry out the actions that the law bound them to. No true decisions were ever made, for an answer had been formed for every circumstance. The only thing that the council added to the workings of Eld’rin, then, was their corruption, for no earthly being can be perfect.

Therefore, the council had no choice when confronted with Dilmir’s actions. He had, to all appearances, driven a powerful enemy from Eld’rin. Though they would have doubtless kept him in a cell given the chance, they were bound by their own laws, and were forced to retract his banishment, as Eltuthar had foreseen.

On the same grounds, they removed Alfimir’s banishment as well. Though they felt more secure with this result, it was a part of Eltuthar’s plan also. While banished, Alfimir could have broken as many laws as he liked trying to kill Dilmir, and the council would have no authority to stop him, even if they wanted to. However, back under their rule, Alfimir dared not attack any elf again, for the penalty for a second breach of the law was far worse than banishment.

And so the daily life of Dilmir resumed its former pace. In the morning, he practiced magic with Elmir. In the afternoon, he dueled Ilrin with increasing skill, though he did not defeat her again for a long while.

Eltuthar went, disguised, to Dilmir’s village and convinced his parents to flee with him. Mere hours after they had left, Alfimir, through a frenzied search, found their location, and arrived, too late. Eltuthar left for unknown corners of Feylund, and there continued his search for the illusive Curse that so blinded the elves, his kin.

Dilmir waited a long while for Eltuthar to send word to him. He heard nothing, though the Eth Aniliim were never seen again at Eld’rin in those days. Once Eltuthar escaped the detection of the elves, the council could no longer hold Felnir. Their laws provided them with the right to capture him in order to eliminate the threat of Eltuthar, but with the threat gone, they were forced to release him. He rode south, and was not heard of since.

However, both outside and inside the walls of the great elven city, things were stirring, events that would shape the whole of Feylund for ages to come.

But that is another story.

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