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Eld’rin was formed long ago by elvish mages growing four great trees together. These four trees form the four corners of Eld’rin. Their hollowed out trunks allow access to the upper levels of Eld’rin, although most of the buildings are located below, on the ground.

Eld’rin is divided into four distinct sections: the bailey, or west quadrant, the Royal Quarter, in the east, and the two districts to the north and south. In the north you have the Lower District, so named because it is somewhat lower in elevation than the rest of Eld’rin, thus causing mist and fog to coalesce there in the early morning, sheltered by the leaves of Eld’rin. It is here that most of the elves live. The houses of the Upper Quarter, to the south, are reserved for the wealthy or important, and are much larger than the houses of the Lower Quarter.

Eld’rin has stood for many centuries, and many secrets and forgotten enchantments are riddled into the wood and ground which make it up. Hidden passageways and vaults are everywhere, and dark shadows could hold the secrets to long-forgotten mysteries.

Eld’rin is governed by a council, which oversees the running of the great city. They meet within the upper levels. Residing within the keep in the Royal Quarter is the king of the elves, and his family. He governs matters pertaining to all of the elves, but leaves the day to day matters of Eld’rin to the council.

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