Eternity – (placeholder)

Eternity will be a series, and the series will be my final foray into fan fiction (barring the fan fiction competition). However, the main purpose to writing Eternity is to experiment with what I call an infinite series, that is, a series where you start with a world and a situation ripe for plots and characters, and simply keep writing stories for however long you please. I believe I have found a sustainable way to create such a series. Eternity is the test. Therefore, while it is my final fan fiction series, there is no end set for it.

Eternity will be structured off of story ‘arcs’. An arc will be centered on a single set of characters and their adventures. Each arc can span anywhere from half a fiction to several, and each will be designed to test different writing theories and methods. Once I am confident in my skills, I will turn to writing novels.

As far as content goes, Eterntiy will be about the war on Valhalla, and is currently set to take place shortly after the release of wave ten. At the moment, Valkrill and the DnD waves do not exist.

Eternity will center on multiple characters, and events spanning all of Valhalla. I’m going to try to strike a balance between the epic and the seemingly mundane without boring the reader (or failing to deliver on expectations), to avoid locking myself into any one tempo or type of action.

You can follow the progress on Eternity in my signature on HSers. Check every few days, because changes do regularly occur (more regularly than the side bar here).

This placeholder page will be replaced when Eternity comes out.

The below information is a list of C3V units which might, or might not, appear in Eterntiy. They are purely for my reference.


  • Omegacron
  • Van Nessing
  • Haduc
  • Nicholas Esenwein
  • Zombie Hulk
  • 53rd
  • Dreadguls
  • Akumaken
  • Cormin
  • Nhah Scirh Cultists

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